a pause

It’s hard to put into words just how I’m feeling.  I feel my heart is bursting open, truly.  I knew that a yoga teacher training would be transformative, but I don’t think I quite understood just how much so.  I honestly feel so freshly open, so tender, so raw that I’m not even sure how much I want to write and share, just yet.  I want to savor it, to wonder at it for just a little bit longer.  To witness myself as I heal, as I walk through the fire and emerge anew.

However . . .

I am finding that old wounds, however long forgotten, are rising to the surface, gasping for air, begging for release.  I am finding that as each new layer is exposed to air some hidden sorrow floats away, dispersing into infinity, just like that.  I am finding that I can cry, and with those tears my fears are washed away.  With those tears I water the soil of my heart, nurturing the seeds planted there in some other time and space.  I am finding that I am lighter in spirit and a little more soft around the edges.

There is nothing I need to do, nothing I could ever do, to be any more loved than I already am.  I am worthy.  I am whole.  I am enough.  It’s just that simple.

And his Heart said to my Heart, “Rest in me.  Everything is going to be ok.”  


4 thoughts on “a pause

    • Right? It’s my favorite. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in my life. I love hearing about your experiences in your 40-day course as well! <3

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