nourishing indulgence

If you have a major sweet tooth like me, then you will thank me for sharing this recipe I stumbled across last week.  I was in the mood for something sweet so I went in search of more nourishing alternatives.  Enter this recipe for avocado chocolate pudding.  It might sound weird and even gross, but seriously, this is my favorite new treat!  Bring this to a party and no one would ever know you were serving them chocolaty avocados. ;)  It’s that good.

I went with the honey option for sweetening, but you could also use dates as the recipe suggests, or play around with other natural sweeteners like agave nectar.  I’ve made this twice since discovering it.  The first time I sprinkled sea salt on top (just like the recipe says) and while I’m a huge fan of salty chocolate, it wasn’t my favorite for this dish.  The second time I made it I skipped the sea salt and that is my preferred way of enjoying this pudding. Of course, you can play around with it and see what works for you.

I hope you’re enjoying these sultry summer days!


juice boost

My Sweetheart wasn’t feeling well last week, so in an attempt to help him feel better (and boost my own immune system as well!) I  made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup and a few big batches of green juice. Juicing is a lot of fun and there’s just something so refreshing about a tall, cold glass of fresh green juice.

Here’s my (current) favorite green juice recipe (serves 2):

  • 2 apples
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 1/2 – 2 celery stalks
  • Lots of kale!

But really, you can play around and try any number of combinations depending on what you have.  For me, the essential ingredients for a yummy green juice are the apples and the lemons.  They make a really good base, provide a lot of juice, and also make it taste kind of like a really healthy lemonade.

Happy juicing!

desert magic

Sometimes it just feels good to get away from the madness of the city and escape into nature for a while.  The desert is incredible for that.  I love going there, and definitely don’t go as much as I would like.  Once I am there I am always reminded just how much I love it.  It’s also really fun to have a partner in crime to go on adventures with.  This was mine & Jen’s second time going there just the two of us, and it’s an incredibly empowering feeling to be two women camping by ourselves in the desert.  I always come back feeling brave, confident, and strong.

Anyway how can you be scared sleeping under the splendor of the milky way?  As night started setting in, I felt, for a brief moment, the kind of anxiety that often accompanies the darkness.  But as I gazed up at the sky, I watched as it became an expanse of glittering brilliance.  Suddenly I remembered one of my favorite quotes by Galileo Galilai: “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” At that moment any inkling of fear vanished.  The quote ran through my mind like a mantra.  I was able to fully understand and appreciate what Galileo meant when he said that.  I lay on my back and fell into the stars.  Shivers of wonder ran up and down my spine.  The universe is so mysterious and wonderful!  And there I was—here I am!—floating in the infinite embrace of the galaxy, a part of it.  This is the magic of the desert and the gift of the night.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful trip.  We explored some slot canyons which was my favorite desert excursion so far.  They are so cool!  I took a lot of pictures but they really don’t do justice to the raw beauty we found there.  You might think of the desert as a desolate place, but it is quite the opposite.  It is full of life there, especially right now—springtime desert blooms everywhere!  So much color and texture under the expanse of big blue sky.  It’s intoxicating!

We weren’t gone for very long, but I returned feeling refreshed and invigorated.  I am recharged.  I feel like I can approach my life and my responsibilities with a renewed sense of energy and vitality.  I am grounded and centered, with the wild echoes of the desert wind reverberating through my soul.